Space Explorer 6-in-1 DIY Craft Box

Rs. 985.00
Suitable for ages 5 and above.
Comes with instruction cards for each activity.
Number of activities - 6 activities
Dimensions of each box - 33.2 x 25.9 x 4.5 cm
Shipping and Returns - Orders are delivered within the 7 Working Days

In this 6-in-1 DIY box, your child will make the following -

  • Rocket Science Experiment: What does it feel like to be a space scientist? Make your own rocket, fuel it, and watch it take off!
    Items Included: Paper cutouts, Rocket canister.

  • Solar System Wind Chime: Make a colourful wind chime for your room while you learn about the planets in our solar system!
    Items Included: Planets features, wind chime disc, Planet printout with clues, Strings, Bells.

  • Starry Kaleidoscope: Ever wondered what a clear starry night looks like? Make your own Kaleidoscope and see for yourself
    Items Included: Plastic sheet, Tracing Paper, Acrylic mirror sheet, Tape, Tiny shiny stars.

  • Space Expedition Board Game: Invite your friends to an adventurous and thrilling journey through the Milky Way!
    Items Included: Game Board, Pawns and Dice.

  • Lace the Constellations: Pull along your string to join the dots and make a constellation streamer for your window!
    Items Included: Constellation cards, Ribbon, Strings.

  • Phases of the Moon: Use oreo cookies to lick off the cream and understand the different phases that the moon goes through during the month(Only recipe included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

the spacesipdid not fly

Space fun

My boys that are 4.5 and 7 loved everything in this box. I had to help a little with reading instructions but they made the mobile, kaleidoscope, and constellation lacing by themselves. We got this as a gift but it is well worth the cost.

Great box

My child who is 6, loves this box. We have tried many but this one was her favorite. We played the game numerous times and our rocket worked! Not going to “judge” others but after I read the instructions carefully, it worked perfectly.

9 year old boy birthday present

We received this kit and my son loves it. I am so happy as normally he is glued to a screen. He has done all of the crafts so far by himself, just needing a little help to thread the bells. Its also lovely to see him reading the instructions to find out what to do, he normally refuses to read!! Would highly recommend. We haven't tried rockets yet but I'm sure 1/2 Alka-Seltzer and a little water will definitely work as I've done this many times before with old style film pots and the supplied pot is very similar to that.

Pass, disappointing

Received this as a gift. The kids were most excited about the vinegar/baking soda rocket. Made several attempts and could not get it to work. There's no way this is something kids could do themselves. Save your time and money.