Discovering Dinosaurs 6-in-1 DIY Craft Box

Rs. 879.46
Suitable for ages 5 and above.
Comes with instruction cards for each activity.
Number of activities - 6 activities
Dimensions of each box - 33.2 x 25.9 x 4.5 cm
Shipping and Returns - Orders are delivered within the 7 Working Days

In this 6-in-1 DIY box, your child will make the following -

  • DIY Dino Tail Pouch: Sew your own dino tail felt pouch, decorate it, and flaunt it as you use it!
    Items Included: Felt Pouch Base, Sewing Needle and Wool, Velcro, Felt Stick-on.

  • Dinosaur Toppers: Stick together the felt pieces to make dinosaur toppers. You can then use them on your pencils and straws, and even as bookmarks.
    Items Included: Felt Bases, Felt Eyes, Felt Stick-ons, Pipe cleaner.

  • 3D Steg-O-Model: Layer up the foam pieces together to make a colourful 3D model of the stegosaurus, which you can display on your table.
    Item Included: Stegosaurus foam base, Foam Layer Stick-ons.

  • Din-O-Roar Stamps: Make your own dinosaur-shaped stamps and stamp away on cards, gifts, and books to personalize and sign them!
    Item Included: Foam Base, Foam Stick-ons.

  • In-Out Door Hanger: Make your own double-sided door hanger with lots of dinosaur stick-ons. Hang it on your door to indicate whether you are in your room or out!
    Item Included: Foam Base, Foam Stick-ons, Felt eyes.

  • Dinosaur Egg Treat: Make Yummy dinosaur egg treats with rice Krispies and marshmallows (Only Recipe Included)