Around the World 6-in-1 DIY Craft Box

by Jackinthebox

Rs. 985.00
Suitable for ages 5 and above.
Comes with instruction cards for each activity.
Number of activities - 6 activities
Dimensions of each box - 33.2 x 25.9 x 4.5 cm
Shipping and Returns - Orders are delivered within the 7 Working Days

In this 6-in-1 DIY box, your child will make the following -

  • Greeting Postcards: Learn the different languages that are spoken around the world – also write postcards to your friends and family in all the new languages that you learn.
    Items Included: 4 Postcards, 1 card with language translations.

  • DIY 3D Monuments: Make your own little world monuments – they look so real, you can even decorate them in your room!
    Items Included: Foam Pieces.

  • DIY Flag Streamer: Understand the importance of different colours that are used in flags of countries around the world. Use colour meanings to design your own flag – you can also make a streamer and hang it up by the window!
    Items Included: Flag Base sheets, Feature and Stripe cutouts, Ribbon.

  • Dress’em Up: Do you know about the different costumes that people in various countries wear? Find out today while you dress these little children in national costumes of 4 different countries.
    Items Included: Human Figurines- Male and Female, Costumes of Different countries of World, Velcro Stickers.

  • Foods of the World: Learn about diffrent foods eaten around the world.

  • Around the World Card Game: Find out about country facts as you play this card game – population, area, language, currency, and more!
    Items Included: 20 Flash Cards.