Little Fashionista

by Jackinthebox

Rs. 985.00
DIY Owl Felt Pouch: Make your own owl felt pouch and flaunt it as you use it!

Fashionista Photo Frame: Learn about the accessories used in different fashion looks as you segregate them and stick them on your personalized photo frame.

Floral Headband: Learn how to quill and make flowers and leaves with paper. You can stick them on a band and make a beautiful floral headband.

Girl Power Bracelet: Make your own 'Girl Power' bracelets - you can also use these as anklets and flaunt your girl power.

Fashion Origami: Make pretty dresses, skirts, blouses, and coats with paper as you learn how to fold it, and decorate to make it dressy!

Chocolate Jewelry Box: Use chocolate to make a jewelry box and store your fruit loop accessories inside it!